The story so far….by Arshia

Cornered! There we were, in a colossal cave, trapped. The menacing silhouetted creature snorted an inferno at the cave’s wall. Fire bounced everywhere. The flare hit us. Sweat trickled down my palms.  I stood up and threw dirt and stones at both it’s eyes. We ran as fast as our little legs could carry us. As I struggled up the rocks, I tried to remember how I had got into such a mess.

It was just like a normal day, I was going to the cave to find some coal. As I climbed in it was then that I’d heard it. A furious roar and someone screaming ‘Help!

That’s how it happened. I’d squeezed through the gap leading into the huge cave. Suddenly, ominous smoke lifted and a colossal beast towered over me and snorted. The sun’s blinding beam squeezed through the gap into the beast’s face and I saw it. A dragon!

“Shh…”the boy said appearing out of the darkness. He started telling me that he was the prince of England.

So there we were balancing on a rock, floating on lava, jumping rock to rock…(To be continued)


Blood flow experiment

We set up an experiment to see how the diameter of a straw effected how quickly water flowed through. This showed us how the blood flows differently through the arteries, veins and cappilaries.
What did you learn from this experiement?


SATs Parent Workshop

Some parents are enquiring about the dates for SATs this year. There will be a parent workshop this Thursday to find out more. This will start at 2:15pm and will last for about 30 minutes (with time for questions after.)  We will talk through what to expect this year, what children will need to do and how you can support your child.

Here are the dates for the SATs tests this year:

Monday 8th May           Reading

Tuesday 9th May           English spelling, punctuation and grammar

Wednesday 10th May    Mathematics Paper 1 and 2

Thursday 11th May       Mathematics Paper 3