The story so far….by Arshia

Cornered! There we were, in a colossal cave, trapped. The menacing silhouetted creature snorted an inferno at the cave’s wall. Fire bounced everywhere. The flare hit us. Sweat trickled down my palms.  I stood up and threw dirt and stones at both it’s eyes. We ran as fast as our little legs could carry us. As I struggled up the rocks, I tried to remember how I had got into such a mess.

It was just like a normal day, I was going to the cave to find some coal. As I climbed in it was then that I’d heard it. A furious roar and someone screaming ‘Help!

That’s how it happened. I’d squeezed through the gap leading into the huge cave. Suddenly, ominous smoke lifted and a colossal beast towered over me and snorted. The sun’s blinding beam squeezed through the gap into the beast’s face and I saw it. A dragon!

“Shh…”the boy said appearing out of the darkness. He started telling me that he was the prince of England.

So there we were balancing on a rock, floating on lava, jumping rock to rock…(To be continued)


5 thoughts on “Cornered!

  1. Fabulous work Arshia! If it’s okay, may I read your story to my class in Canada? They would love it! So very proud of you.
    – Miss Elliott


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