New responsibilities – new challenges.

Year 6 challenge!

As you start to prepare for high school, discuss the following:

1 What new challenges will you face? What new responsibilities will you have?

2 What challenges will you face about safe internet use?

3 What can you do to ensure that you are using the internet safely?internet safety




Mathletics Challenge!

Is your class going to be awarded the Mathletics trophy in Friday’s Dazzle assembly?

Remember, everyone in your class needs to be using Mathletics throughout the week. You may be completing your teachers set challenge or playing different games to practise your maths. The class using it for the greatest amount of hours wins!

If you need your log in details please ask your class teacher. I have set you all an activity to get you started, let me know when you have completed it.

Go for it and have fun using Mathletics!

Mrs Chahal