The Hobbit – Chapter 4

This week, we will be studying and discussing chapter 4 in detail.

Listen to the chapter again and think about:

What happens in this chapter? What might happen to Bilbo next?

Think about the theme of light and dark. What colours are mentioned in this chapter?

Challenge: Summarise the events of the chapter (max 100 words)


2 thoughts on “The Hobbit – Chapter 4

  1. Bilbo and the group have left the elf forest and they have gone up the mountain. Suddenly a storm appeared while they were up the mountain, they had to get a shelter before the storm gets worst. The descide the send Fili and Kili to go find a cave and make sure that it is safe. After a while they came back and they said they found one and they all went to go sleep in it. Bilbo couldn’t sleep because of his nasty dreams. He dret that the cave was opening and before he knew it, it was. Luckly gandalf left and didnt get captured. The goblins stole them and ate their ponies and then gandalf rescued them and they left. After they got away they kidnapped bilbo again….


  2. In chapter 4 they are travelling up the mountain .They are trying to go to sleep when the rock monsters are throwing boulders at each other.They dont feel safe so they ask Fili and Kili to travel to find safer and dryer shelter because the weather is inclumate and they are in possible danger. When they settle down the crack at the back of the cave opens and goblins come out and take the ponies and some of the dwarves when they try to fight them off.then the goblin king demands the goblins to punish them but Gandalf comes to the rescue and they find a way out . The goblins follow behined them and chise the quietest goblins to sneak and kidnapp them because they killed the Goblin king.


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