New responsibilities – new challenges.

Year 6 challenge!

As you start to prepare for high school, discuss the following:

1 What new challenges will you face? What new responsibilities will you have?

2 What challenges will you face about safe internet use?

3 What can you do to ensure that you are using the internet safely?internet safety


21 thoughts on “New responsibilities – new challenges.

  1. If someone makes a account and says their are your friend ask them a few questions about them or their other friends also if u have ur friends number talk to them or talk to them face to face


  2. To be safe on the internet you need to make sure that your not talking to people that you dont know and dont give out any of your personal infomation and privet account .


  3. Qustion 1. Walking back home from school by yourself.Strangers trying to speak to you,mabe asking for the time ir directions.

    Question 2.Adding people you know and not just accept people because you want more followers.

    Question 3.If someone you think you know adds you but it is not them you should go to the person pesonally and ask him/her if it is them or contact them on another contact you have of theirs.


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